Welcome to SIGMALab research group website

Main aim of SIGMALab research group is an advanced engineering approach for the structural integrity assessment and design of mechanical and aerospace components by means of integrated methodologies which involve analytical models, numerical simulations and experimental tests. Research activities and topics are described in the research page. We are also involved in several European Projects also as Coordinator: HECTOR (website), ASTIANAX, ISSA, SAMAS, ENHAnCE, SAMAS2; more dettails about the project are in the research page.
SIGMALab works inside the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering, research line: Machine and Vehicle Design. Research activities of SIGMALab are mainly performed inside the laboratories of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Please visit the dowload webpage for fully dettailed presentations of our activities.
If you want to work with us contact Prof. M. Giglio for a Master Thesis or a Ph.D. application.


Team director

Prof. Marco Giglio
Via La Masa 1
20156 Milan - Italy
Phone: 02.2399.8234
Fax: 02.2399.8263